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I was always one to take the stray path towards my passions when others were falling in line with the "shoulds".  When my peers were heading off to college I went off to join the Army as a paratrooper and jump out of perfectly good airplanes.  In college I chose to study art while others were getting the "smart" (safe) business or accounting degree.  As my thirties came my friends were working on settling into the suburban lifestyle and buying more stuff to fill their big homes while I was getting divorced, meeting the partner of my dreams, and building a tiny house on wheels to live in.  I love to challenge myself and grow.  Looking inward is a core value of mine--always questioning, always learning.  Every day I appreciate how precious this one life is and steering myself towards the things that matter most--like building, growing, and experiencing the power of relationships.  

After getting a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling I thought I had found my dream career--being a therapist in private practice.  Not just any therapist, but a body oriented therapist focused on helping people heal from trauma.  I loved my work and loved helping people heal from their most painful wounds.  But soon I grew weary of the limitations of the mental health field and discovered that what I really enjoy is helping people grow through experience.  Being hands on in a relationship in real time was always what was so healing for me.  It wasn't enough to talk to my therapist about my past traumas...it took meeting and being in relationships with kind, compassionate friends and lovers for me to really learn to trust and love again.


At the same time of my professional unrest, I was exploring more and more in my own personal and sexual life.  My husband and I opened our relationship and began swinging.  I quickly discovered my polyamorous nature and my capacity to fall in love and be in love with many different people.  Meeting and spending time with new and different lovers from all different cultures and backgrounds opened my eyes to the potential for learning and growth in myself, my primary relationship, and the impact on others.  These discoveries paired with my growing distaste for the mental health field led me to try intimacy and relationship coaching. 

I closed my therapy practice in December of 2017 and turned all my efforts towards Professional Companionship and Full Body Nurturing Touch.  In  August 2019 I celebrated two years in this profession and stopped taking new clients for Professional Companionship.  Moving forward I am accepting new clients for Full Body Nurturing Touch only.  I continue to grow and develop my skills and feel honored and delighted by my work.