Did you know we can go deeper? So, sooo very deep.

Okay, the teenage boy in me is grinning ear to ear about that reference, but no, that's not really what I meant. I mean deeper in our work together! That's right, not only do I have years of hands on experience supporting people in their sensual health, I also have a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and years of extensive mindfulness-based trauma training. Nothing brings me greater joy than being able to support people who are on some kind of healing path--whether that's healing from sexual shame around their fantasies, exploring their pleasure, or talking through relationship concerns...I love to help.

So let me help you! I have begun offering package options for the client who wants to go deeper. Deeper in their self care, committing to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions that will relieve stress, promote healing, and recharge! Or perhaps deeper in their kink explorations...whether a novice or an experienced player, they crave an intentional and skilled guide to push their edges. And maybe deeper in their healing work, tending to old wounds and using pleasure to rewire the brain and body for resilience and healing.

But you don't just have to read about it, you can watch me explain more! Check it out...