Is Full Body Nurturing Touch For You?

If you are craving to be able to just let go and let someone take care of you, Full Body Nurturing Touch is for you. If you've been touch deprived and lonely, and just want to feel pleasure and connection again, this is for you. Maybe touch is something you do get, but it's not quite the way you want it and you wish someone could touch you the way you want to be touched. This is for you. Perhaps you have desires you've kept secret, places you've wanted to explore, but shame keeps you stuck. I can help. Maybe in your daily life you give, give, give to everyone around you except yourself and you're cup is empty. I am here for you.

Full Body Nurturing Touch is all about receiving. It is about taking charge of your self care and letting someone else take care of you for a change. It's also about practicing asking for what you want or saying no to what you don't want, and being met with appreciation and kindness. It's about becoming fully who you are and caring for your body in new and delicious ways that make you feel alive. It's about personal growth and leaning into the challenging places to birth something new within yourself. It's about leaning into your curiosity and playfulness, and being met with enthusiasm and delight. It's about being vulnerable, if you want to, and being met with empathy and care. It's about all parts of you being supported and nurtured. It is gender affirming, body positive, sex positive, kink-affirming, trauma-informed, and anti-oppression. It's about education and mindfulness, if you desire it to be. It's therapeutic if you want it to be. Or it can be all about delicious, decadent pleasure. Or all of the above!

What is it not? It is not a list of menu items. It isn't a prescribed outcome or list of activities. It isn't an a+b=c equation or steps to a particular outcome. Yes there is often a transition from relaxation to more excitement, but not always. It's an experience of nurturing and connection, not a transaction. If you need to know exactly what will happen in our session, this is not for you. If you care more about the activities that will occur, we're not a good fit. If you need to be in charge and do things to me, we are definitely not a good fit. If you're experience is not complete without this one thing you need to have happen, then the gifts this experience has to offer you will be lost on you. There is nothing wrong with that! It simply means there is probably another experience out there for you that will better suit your needs.

Are we a good fit? Ya think so? You can book a session online now. Until we meet...take care!