Schedule Like a Pro

Updated: Mar 5

UPDATE 3/5/2020: I now have online booking! If you'd like to schedule an appointment, please book online. There you will be able to view my availability and provide all the info I need to complete the booking. Big hooray for efficiency! There is still useful information about communicating with me below, so I will leave it for those who wish to get to know my preferences more or if for some reason you need to use texting to schedule. Thanks!!

From August 23, 2019 post:

Want to dazzle me and wow me from the get go? I am a huge stickler for efficient, professional communication. I assure you I am probably the sweetest human being you will ever meet, but I'm all business during scheduling. When we meet in person you will see how sweet I am but please show me respect and keep us both safe by following these simple and easy tips for a smooth, quick scheduling process.

1) Be professional! Only give me the information I have asked for and use the same level of professionalism you would with an esteemed colleague or other helping professional. Ask yourself, would I communicate with my primary care doctor in this manner? Or a potential employer? If the answer is no, remove any questionable language and try again. Remove any unnecessary information and keep it brief and to the point.

2) Don't ask menu questions. Now I understand you want to know what will happen in our sessions but I have given you as much information as you need on my website. Understand that there are those who would misinterpret discussions about menu items as evidence of an illegal activity. I don't offer illegal services. I offer nurturing touch and my rate covers my time for our agreed upon appointment. Nothing will get you blocked and added to my DNS list sooner than questions about menu items. I simply assume you have no respect for my safety and I move on. In two years as a healing guide I have yet anyone leave a session dissatisfied. We will always leave our time together feeling satisfied and fulfilled, and that is all you need to know. If there is a particular activity that you must have in order to be happy and you need to know before booking, we are not likely a good fit. I like to work with folks who are open minded and interested more in a nurturing, pleasurable experience with a loving lady like myself rather than a list of activities.

3) Don't call me. Please understand I receive many phone calls everyday and early on I learned that most phone calls are an attempt to engage in undesired, uncompensated phone chat. If that's what you're after, seek out a website like Niteflirt and compensate those providers accordingly. I charge for my time. If you wish to chat with me you can do so at a rate of $100/hr. You can pay me first using my PayPal link or send me an Amazon gift card to misstristanadler@protonmail. AFTER you have paid me you may text or email me to discuss when would be a good time to talk.

4) Texting is preferred and for scheduling only. That's right, no chatty chat, please! Please don't ask me how I'm doing or try to engage me in conversation. I'm a very busy lady and not only don't have time for this (unless you're paying me) but it makes me very cranky and I probably won't want to meet you or see you again. During the scheduling process, reply promptly to avoid delays. My schedule fills up quickly, so if we are in the middle of discussing a meeting and you delay confirming your desired time slot may be taken if you don't get back to me right away. Please avoid additional questions that are not essential. An ideal text exchange would sound something like this: "My name is Seth and I found you on Eros. I'd like to schedule a one hour nurturing touch session for 12pm tomorrow. I work in IT and enjoy hiking, cooking, and zombie movies. Thank you." I would reply and let you know if that time works and if it does I would ask you to confirm. You would say "confirmed". I would then provide you with next steps for that appointment. THAT'S IT! Easy peasy. Don't make it complicated. If you start asking questions after a confirmed appointment or try to call me I will likely assume you are either a flake or a time waster (you will then be blocked). If you screwed up and are just a nervous newbie--you can try again by scheduling through my website and scheduling form. Just don't make the same mistakes again.

Remember this is your chance to shine and really get me excited about meeting you from the get go. I'm inviting you into a very private space, so show me the courtesy and respect of following my scheduling process to the T. Thanks and I look forward to meeting you!