Mindful Self Touch for Sensual Self Care

It’s time for you to discover just how amazing your body truly is. Regardless of what you’ve been told, you are perfect just as you are and don’t need to change or do anything to earn or deserve pleasure. I want to show you how to take charge of your pleasure with this simple mindfulness exercise for sensual self care. So clear some time on your schedule, make sure you have some privacy, and get ready to discover your innate awesomeness. Ready?!


Get naked.  Lie down and get comfortable with all parts of you being supported so you don’t have to strain or feel any tension. Complete relaxation all over. Clear your mind of all distractions and make the center of your attention just body sensations.  Begin to notice your breath and body sensations. No thoughts, no feelings--just the sensations you are feeling in your body.  Begin to slowly explore your body from your head all the way down to your toes.  Really let yourself feel every bump, every hair, every soft and rough spot, all of you. Pause at each part to really explore and notice the sensations there.

Pay special attention to your belly...notice it's curves and contours, the way the inside of your belly button feels, the way your breath makes your belly rise and fall--squish your belly and move it around...notice how that feels.  No judgements or thought, just sensations. Move slowly down to your genitals, holding your hands over them gently.  Just feel the warmth of your hands on them.  Notice what happens and what sensations start to arise.  Very slowly begin to massage and stroke yourself however it feels pleasurable.  Feel the spaciousness of the where to be, plenty of time, take your time. No goal in mind other than to just explore what feels good. Explore the different kinds of skin you have down there and enjoy the way it feels on your hands, on your genitals, and inside of your body as you touch yourself.  Breath deeply and feel the pleasure expand all throughout with your breath.  Inhale, exhale. On the exhale, imagine sending all the good feelings all throughout your body.

Continue to wander with your hands wherever you feel drawn, exploring as if this is the first time you have ever touched yourself.  What feels good?  Follow the pleasure and interest continuing without thoughts or feelings, only focusing on sensations.  There is no right or wrong, only sensations.

Amazing!  If you are able to, practice this daily or as often as you can, and then when you are ready try doing this in the mirror.  If there are parts of your body you feel self conscious about, try really exploring just the sensations of that body part.  Once you begin to appreciate your body in the mirror, try taking some pictures.  Then try inviting a friend or lover to explore your body.  There is nothing more loving and validating than to have someone who loves you explore your body and love it too.  Have them tell you what they love about touching you.  You can have them slowly explore you head to toe as well and just have it be about exploring the wonderful sensations that are to be found by taking the time to enjoy.  The softness of the elbow skin, the tenderness of the belly, the scratchiness of a beard, the roughness of the bottom of the foot.  Have fun!