What Is Full Body Nurturing Touch?

Full Body Nurturing Touch is the name I have given to the sort of sessions I offer. The current political climate we are in has made it challenging for professionals such as myself to discuss what we do openly, for fear what we have to offer might be misinterpreted as "illegal". In the past I described my sessions as Full Body Sensual Touch or Full Body Sensual Massage. I started calling my sessions Full Body Nurturing Touch to put the emphasis on what is most important in the work that I do: touch that is nurturing. Pleasurable, nurturing touch is healing, and my hope is that as things shift in our world, this will become what is focused on.

Professionals in the field may call what they do many different things and have a wide variety of boundaries and approaches. What you experience with one professional may vary widely from what you experience with another. Never expect a certain activity just because you experienced it with one professional--we are all different and have different gifts to offer if you relax and let us do what we do best. So what do I do best?

At my core I am a healer. Touch is my language. I love to take care of people and help them feel safe, cared for, and loved. My sessions are touch-focused. We begin with a brief chat on the couch to discuss boundaries (for both of us), preferences (how you like to be touched), and any parts of your body that are off limits (because you don't like being touched there or have injuries, sensitivities, etc). Then we move to the massage table and I use my touch to care for you and your body and help you feel pleasure and relaxation. I hold in mind what you have shared about what you like/dislike but I also use intentional touch, tuning into your body and connecting to your responses and what I'm sensing from you moment to moment. I am in a mindful state, present and attuned to you and caring for you as we move along through the session.

The touch I offer is one way, from me to you. I am the giver and you are the receiver. My sessions are an opportunity to let go of the responsibilities and demands of daily life, and to surrender yourself completely to care, loving touch, and pleasure. It's all about you! I create a space that is safe for you to be fully you, without needing to do, say, or be anything else. It is a sacred space just for you to recharge and feel cared for.

Every session is different. What feels good to one person may be completely uninteresting or even off limits to another. What feels good in one session might not in another, so I always encourage my clients to communicate with me about their desires. If there are areas you'd like to explore or challenge, I am there to help guide you. If asking for what you want is difficult, I provide options, encouraging and supporting you in that growth area. Full Body Nurturing Touch is all about supporting you in caring for your whole self. It is a way to relax and unwind, and receive love and care through touch. I look forward to supporting you in your self care!